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SOK is a (generally) harmless gel that can be discharged in confined or crowded areas with no collateral or lasting effects. SOK (SOAK) non-lethal defense system is bio-degradable, low-odor, non-toxic and non-flammable defense spray approved for municipal use by a plethora of controlling agencies.

Non-Lethal Defense Spray By SOKNon-Lethal Defense System By SOK Defense |

Non-Lethal Defense Spray By SOK
Non-Lethal Defense Spray By SOK
Purchase three cans of SOK non-lethal defense spray and we will provide an additional SOK non-lethal defense spray for training purposes.

SOK is NOT A "Mace" or Pepper Spray.

When SOK is sprayed in and around the eyes of an assailant, the temporary burning and blurring of this super slick "goo" greatly reduces visual acuity and the ability to handle, or maintain control of objects.

With an effective range of up to 20 feet for more that 14 seconds, SOK can possibly help maintain a safe distance and greatly improve the ability to escape and evade. When SOK is sprayed on wood, tile, linoleum or similar flooring; running, walking or maintaining footing can be greatly impacted. The SOK system is an air powered (non-aerosol) can that is capable of being sprayed at any angle and will NOT "explode" if punctured.

Not only is the SOK defense system non-flammable, SOK defense may also be used as a SECONDARY fire suppressant!

Non-Lethal Defense System By SOK Defense |
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Non-Lethal Defense System By SOK Defense |
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